A few information about the black prunes (dried plums) or "glyka koromila" as they are called in Skopelos.

Black dried plums contain significant amount of metal and minerals(potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and selenium) as well as vitamins (A, B6, B3, B2), all of which are necessary for our good health preservation. According to experts, they hold a prominent position in absorbing and eliminating free radicals since they contain maximum antioxidant concentration. Consequently they contribute in reducing oxidant stress, they protect cellular tissue from oxidation while in the same time they are able to decelerate the mechanisms involved in the procedure of the body's and brain's ageing. Research results have shown that the black prunes shield the cardiovascular system by inhibiting the oxidation of bad cholesterol, they regulate arterial pressure, contribute in normal cerebral micro-circulation and they also bear anticancer action. The prunes' bionergetic elements favor the increase of bone formation and growth. In a study which has taken place it was reported that the systematic consumption if dried plums led to the formation of new bone in postmenopausal women. The precious for the intestine dried plums, which are rich in fiber, are widely known to be one of the healthiest and more effective ways for the treatment and prevention of constipation. Therefore, with obviously more than one benefits for our metabolism and health, we can integrate them within the frame of the Mediterranean nutritional habits, by consuming two to three black prunes per day.

How to use

  • As a snack to suppress your appetite
  • Combining in with yoghurt is and excellent choice
  • In a various combinations in fruit salads
  • You can boil them and make a fruit compote
  • In cooking they add sweet flavor in your food
  • In poultry stuffing
  • In stuffed tomatoes instead if raising
  • In various sweets and desserts' recipes

Indicative dishes with black prunes

  • Pork with prunes and potatoes
  • Porterhouse steak stuffed with prunes
  • Lamb with prune sauce
  • Aubergines IMAM (stuffed eggplants)
  • Green beans
  • Fish PLAKI (grilled fish topped with onions, tomatoes, etc) baked with prunes
  • Grouper stew with prunes
  • Turkey with prunes and sun-dried tomato

Indicative desserts with black prunes

  • Lenten cake with sesame paste and prunes
  • Prune pie
  • Prune tart
  • Pudding with semolina and prune sauce
  • Carrot cake with prunes
  • Prune Chocolates